OSMO system on a farm with solar panels

OSMO system on a farm with solar panels

Pig farm: 70m, capacity 500 heads
20 air inlets / 12 chimneys on each side

OSMO OCV3 system: temperature control by natural ventilation
• 3 motors with built-in batteries and digital temperature probe per motor: 2 lines of windows, 1 line of chimneys
• 1 OCV3 regulator: temperature programming, battery charge control, compatibility with the solar panel installation
• DC-DC converter: for correct charging between the backup battery and the batteries in the motors

How temperature control works in the OSMO system

If the temperature changes +/- 1Cº, the motor takes a step to open / close the air inlets,
wait 20 seconds by default, if there is no change,
the motor takes one more step and so on until the programmed temperature is achieved or
up to the programmed opening / closing limits.

Everything is planned.

• Minimum programmable ventilation
• Control of sudden temperature change
• Auxiliary input On / Off for external orders
• OSMO system works without electricity supply for up to 24 hours