Cage-free farms


The development of the aviculture throughout these years has been progressive, adapting to the change in eating habits and the consumption of biological foods, which predicts great perspectives of growth.

It is a different perspective based on sustainability, with the conservation of the environment and the farming development as fundamental pillars.


Cage-free policy involves adapting facilities to the needs of the birds and consumers’ demand, putting aside those farms that have structural disadvantages.

Both construction and reorientation of facilities require easy access of the animals to outdoors, food and water through the running windows and trapdoors, the ventilation of facilities ensures that air circulation, level of dust, temperature, relative humidity and gas concentration are kept at limits not harmful for animals.


A cage-free farm involves costs at the time of starting the activity, construction and daily tasks costs.

OSMOEUROPA pop-hole and window control systems are based on energy savings, automation of facilities without electricity and protection of animal welfare during power supply blackout.

The solution with OSMOEUROPA automation systems means that the quality of cage-free poultry production is transformed into benefits.

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