Fan ventilation control


The goal of forced ventilation is to use hot air to “soak” it with moisture and remove it outdoors along with gases, dust and organic matter, since many of these problems influence the animals welfare on a farm .

These factors lead to the optimization of the facilities and the ventilation systems to minimize possible errors, maintain the temperature of the room and the quality of the air for a good productive performance.


Air intake control is very important to maintain the health of the animals exposed to the environment of the facilities, based on the characteristics of the animal.

To determine this relationship based on the balance of forced ventilation and the control of air intakes – windows and chimneys – it is important to acquire a system that adapts to the needs of a farm.


The direct current motors and respective OSMOEUROPA regulators are compatible with all forced ventilation systems, combining closing and opening of windows with fans to achieve correct temperature control and appropriate air circulation.

OSMOEUROPA systems are adapted to the type and distribution of animals in the room, the construction structure and obstacles, improving the farm environment and meeting the criteria of energy efficiency, precise operation and easy maintenance.

We point out the value of OSMOEUROPA systems as the alternative of emergency and continuous operation of the ventilation during a power cut.

Despite having a high initial investment, forced ventilation allows to maintain the economic operating balance and better control of the conditions we offer to animals.

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Fan ventilation control