Pig farms


Nowadays, the pig farming is among the most important sectors that cover the needs and nutritional requirements both in Spain and worldwide.

To reach its maximum productive potential, facilities play an important role, creating more sustainable farms and offering food and products with the highest possible quality and taste.


We must continually strive to ensure optimal conditions in livestock facilities, both for the good of animals and people.

A farmer who provides correct climate and ventilation in the building minimizes the risk of disease and maintains a stable high production environment.

In winter, ventilation serves to create a healthy climate inside and keep the emission of unwanted gases at the minimum.

In summer, a ventilation system eliminates the excess temperature of the animals and absorbs the air inside the facility, creating a cooling effect.

Therefore, the requirements for ventilation systems are large in order to ensure the correct temperature and good air quality as well as humidity level.


OSMOEUROPA gives great importance to all the designed and developed motors, batteries and regulators, which are related to each other, to be able to have a reliable and efficient ventilation system.

And as an added value, OSMOEUROPA ventilation systems provide savings in energy and maintenance.

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Pig farms