Poultry farms


The poultry industry plays an important role in the contribution of products of high biological value because of its high protein content in the human diet, which is of an essential need.

An appropriate management of the birds at each stage of breeding can achieve the maximum output of their potential.


The current needs are different from those from 50 years ago, and since the Legislation is much more demanding, the welfare of birds not only depends on them, their feeding and qualified personnel, but it is achieved with a correct environmental control (temperature, humidity, gases, etc.).

Whatever poultry farms are with different orientation and specialization within the sector, it is worth investing in improving the facilities to make them more profitable and sustainable.


OSMOEUROPA ventilation control systems meet the essential objectives of thermal comfort in facilities: uniformity of the air distribution and adaptation depending on the outdoor climate (temperature, wind speed etc), which keep the correct temperature at all times.

In addition, our systems go hand in hand with energy saving, solutions for installation without electrical grid, easy handling and maintenance that in the end result in the optimization of investment and business performance.

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Poultry farms