Window regulator OCM

1 motor


  • Electronic equipment designed to create a mechanical ventilation control system. The regulator receives orders through input 0-10V for opening or closing of the windows with OSMOEUROPA lifting motors with batteries. Meets sealing regulations IP65.
  • RECOMMENDABLE: to complete the regulator with a DIGITAL TEMPERATURE PROBE to activate the function of UP TO 24 HOURS TEMPERATURE CONTROL IN THE CASE OF POWER SUPPLY CUT by means of natural ventilation.
  • Temperature control from 0ºC to 85ºC with hysteresis of 1ºC.
    Easy limit switch programming.
    Permanent memory storage even during power supply cut.
  • Optional recommendable: 1 or 2 digital temperature probes per motor for temperature control in the case of electricity breakdown and for fixed thermal rise/drop 2ºC detection for opening/closing.
    Possibility of connection of an external device for the priority order of opening and closing
    Breakdown detection system
    Emergency orders that interrupt the automatic operation system.
    Easy reading of the parameters: temperature, batteries voltage and windows position.
  • Optional: 2 relay outputs through controller CVA
    For 1 motor
  • 12V / 230V
  • Dimensions length/width/height: 143x100x210mm
  • Weight: 1070g
BASIC Simple step (1,2cm) for opening and closing, 1 analogue input 0-10V/10-0V for priority orders, 1 temperature probe per motor
DP1 BASIC + double step (2.4cm) for opening and closing, 1 or 2 temperature probes per motor
DP2 DP1 + Temperature band: programable min/máx temperatures
DP3 DP1 + heating and forced ventilation control through the controller CVA
DP4 DP1 + wind control through the controller CVA and anemometer