Correct fixing of motors and regulators

Correct fixing of motors and regulators

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Apart from our product warranty, every day is an opportunity to demonstrate that OSMOEUROPA offers an efficient and sustainable service model.

To ensure equipment durability and safety,
we remind you
the rules of


  • The motor must always be fixed on a wall of the farm
  • The chassis is provided with 4 fixing holes on the back side.
  • The fixing is to be done with appropriate screws and plugs (not included).

  • To avoid any deformation of the chassis, the fixing area of the motor must be in contact with the wall throughout all its surface.
  • Avoid fixing the motor in a damp place or where there is the possibility of pouring any liquid onto it.
  • If it cannot be avoided, protect it as much as possible (with an awning, or with some additional protective housing, for example)


  • Fix the regulator to a smooth wall with the display at eye level.
  • The regulator has 4 holes on the rear side to be fixed to the wall.

  • To prevent entering moisture, place the four plugs (included) in the fixing holes from inside the box and isolate the regulator as best as possible.
  • The regulator comes with the holes for the cables already made with their railings and/or stuffing nuts.
  • In no case make holes in the regulator box much less on any side or on the top of the box.