Family business

OSMOEUROPA shares the fundamental role of livestock and agriculture – the fact of a clear need for food for growing population.

In 1999 the founder Carlos Moreno Orduña saw a clear tendency to increase the use of technology in the sector in order to anticipate situations that seriously affect efficiency. And taking advantage of more than 40 years of experience in electronics and R & D of his own creation, he developed direct current (DC) systems to ensure the operation of facilities and animal welfare without electrical grid, minimize the damage during power supply blackout and get both energy and maintenance savings, strengthening such a rewarding business.

Carlos Moreno Orduña

Number 1
in motors with batteries for farms

Today OSMOEUROPA is NUMBER 1 in direct current with 20 years of experience in automation and management of livestock and agricultural facilities, developing own automatic systems that guarantee their correct operation regardless of the circumstances of power supply with the main goal to maximize our customers´ satisfaction.

We want to maintain the philosophy of permanent innovation and customer service that has brought us here, so that it is the basis on which we develop more and more modern solutions for electronic and mechanical automation.

These solutions must allow us to continue to be a reference in the sectors and areas where we have been working and growing:

  • In Europe with current products
  • With new products and services in current sectors
  • Initiating researching in new sectors

Motors, batteries, direct current and regulators already exist independently, but the combinations of our patented products turn them into efficiency and savings – it is the value we want to give.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Quality Policy