Natural ventilation systems


Ventilation is the key element in environmental control. Appropriate temperature management can be reflected in the cost of production and in the benefits since they depend on size of animals and different stages of their lives that need different temperatures.


The goal is to get as close as possible to the correct temperature and wind control.

It would be a mistake to depend only on the air flow without taking into account weather changes, especially talking about temperatures.


The design and operation of a ventilation system are vital to achieve optimal production at the lowest possible cost.

OSMOEUROPA natural ventilation system allows to avoid manual regulation and respond to sudden changes in temperature.
The profound effect of the combination of OSMOEUROPA lift motors with batteries and temperature controllers is characterized as the most functional and suitable for each project, thoroughly adapting the facilities to the climatological factors of a region.

What’s more, OSMOREUROPA battery-powered engine systems provide continuous operation of farms without electricity or 24 hours of ventilation and temperature control during power cuts, which leads to proper farm management.

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Natural ventilation systems