Great project! OCV3 systems for 4 farms

Great project! OCV3 systems for 4 farms

Optimization and Reliability in Farm Ventilation with Our Advanced Systems

The recent installation of automated ventilation systems on four prominent farms marks a significant advance in the efficiency and management of the agricultural environment

Our OCV3 systems are designed to optimize ventilation, using a single regulator to operate up to three motors. This optimization not only reduces installation complexity and cost, but also improves system reliability

And also, with the Comprehensive Livestock Farm Management System for the remote control and management of the OSMO ventilation systems. As simple as that!
Only with a kit adaptable to new or already installed OSMOEUROPA equipment regardless of its age.

As always, we understand the importance of maintaining uninterrupted ventilation, especially during power outages. For this reason, our motors are equipped with built-in batteries that ensure continuous and effective operation, even in the absence of electrical power.

By the way, for those looking for a versatile solution, we offer the possibility of converting natural ventilation systems into mechanical ventilation systems by using our CVA accessory – the Ventilation and Heating Box – to activate the fans or heaters if the temperature requires it.

Our systems can be seamlessly integrated with any general management system present on farms.

We thank our collaborators and customers for trusting our advanced solutions to create a more productive and sustainable environment

The trust placed in our systems by large installers reflects our commitment to quality and compatibility